The BearFace Red Color All Over Print Tumbler

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Sasa, a Native-Inspired Project Collaborator, created this gorgeous artwork, which pays homage to Northwest Coast culture by emulating the eagle's might.
In practically every Native American tribe's mythology, eagles play a significant role. Eagles are considered medicine birds with great magical powers in most Native cultures, and they play a significant role in many tribes' religious events. With the sharp eyes and huge wings, Sasa has painted the eagle as it was sometimes painted before heading on a hunt, raid, or into combat.When you wrap yourself in this pattern, Sasa hopes you feel as strong and confident as an eagle.
"Being a contributor with the Natives-Inspired Project allows me to bring light to Indian culture, and being a member of the AM Style band, it was crucial to me to symbolize the power on my design," Sasa explains.

Taking your hot or cold drinks on-the-go has never been easier thanks to the Tumbler. This trendy, sturdy stainless steel tumbler is just what you need! This stylish tumbler is built with a double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel design that keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for longer than typical drinkwear. The exterior stays sweat-free regardless of temperature.

Product descriptions

-Lifetime Guarantee & BPA free

-Hand-stitched, raised seams, cushioned core.

-It helps young players to develop confidence and learn correct mechanics

-Fits perfectly into most cupholders

-Available in 20 Oz Double-walled Stainless Steel Tumbler and 24 Oz BPA Free Plastic Tumbler